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Dream translation short

€ 25,00

Dream translation short

€ 25,00

The dreamtranslation that gives you insight! 

If you want to know what your dream or vision means, this is your chance. Ask Marjan in a short session what your dream or vision means.  

Experience the power of a personal translation. You will receive immediate answers to what you are allowed to work on, what you can learn from it. You immediately see and experience where your soul growth is. 

You get from me!

Personal support and depth so that you can get started with this in your life.

How does it work!...


It goes like this. You submit a maximum of 1/3 dreams and possibly your additional question.


You will receive an answer via Skype, WhatsApp and / or video call (appointment). The session will then take about 20 to 30 minutes. If you choose the email option, you will receive a return mail as soon as possible with an answer, explanation, support and in-depth information. Your email will be about half an A4 of text, but this also depends on your question and your dream. 


Do you want to know more do not hesitate and contact me !.